Shaper Sessions

Shaper Sessions is a bi-weekly livestream series teaching and encouraging the use of digital technology in craft. Along with tutorials, demos, and live Q&A, we also feature interviews with craftspeople such as Greene & Greene expert Darrell Peart and Midcentury builder Caleb James. Over the last year, Sessions viewership has grown ~30% to ~600 viewers per livestream, with an additional ~5-10k views per show post-stream, hosted permanently on YouTube.
One of the biggest hurdles for craftspeople learning computational craft is simply finding the confidence to start. Our livestreams humanize computation by showing mistakes live on air, responding to questions with real-time text followed by live demos, and engaging the community with project prompts. 

Sessions engages a wide range of skill levels. Simple project builds give beginners a place to start, with a combination of theory and step-by-step instruction meant to give them a practical framework upon which to build a computational practice. Shows on more abstract, advanced skills such as Bent Lamination give expert woodworkers a tool to add to their practice while reiterating fundamentals for beginning woodworkers.